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TakePropips Trading Management Solutions EA

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New version 5.20 is now available for purchase!

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TakePropips Trading Management Solutions EA Pricing

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TakePropips Trading Management Solutions EA is a fully automated trading system that consists of a trade manager, trend scanner, auto-trading w/ machine learning, account reporting, risk management, technical dashboard, trading signals, automated custom strategy, and much more.... This is a highly specialized trading system meant for all types of traders including professional, intermediate, and beginner traders.

This trading system consists of every essential tools needed to improve and succeed in your trading career. It is without a doubt one of the best automated and manual trading system out in the market!

Main Features:

TakePropips Trading Management Dashboard - used to keep track of all the trades you have opened and also identify the market direction for each symbol. It includes both a scanner for trading signals and a trade manager.

Automated Trading - this EA can automatically open and close trades for you and it allows the EA to to auto-trade across multiple symbols and timeframes, all in one chart. 

Order Management you can open manual trades (long & short) and it also comes with built in risk management tools such as risk/reward ratio and automatic lot size calculation. You can also easily adjust targets such as TP and SL using the order lines by dragging it on the chart.

Trend Scanner - quickly scan and identify the trend direction of each pair in their respective timeframes. Color green means uptrend and red means downtrend. The scanner also shows the success rate of the trading signals on each box.

Trade Manager - track the performance of your opened trades and also gives you the ability to quickly open, edit, and close trades manually. 

Trailing Stop - trailing stop is used to minimize your risk by reducing the size of your stop loss as the price gets closer to your TP. It can be enabled both of your manual trades and/or auto-trades.

Breakeven SL - breakeven stop loss is used reduce your risk on your trade by moving the SL to breakeven price once the price reaches a specific price target. It can be enabled both of your manual trades and/or auto-trades.

Partial Close - partial close allows you to partially close a trade once they hit a specific distance from your TP and/or SL target. It can be enabled both of your manual trades and/or auto-trades.

Currency Strength Meter - gives you a quick visual guide to identify the currencies that are currently strong or weak. They measure the main currencies strength of major currencies by comparing all 28 pair crosses between them. You can customize the currency strength meter and add other instruments such as Indices, Commodities, and Crypto.

Trade Signals Dashboard - scans the market for trading signals across all symbols and timeframes.

Automated Entry & Exit Signals - scan and detect trading signals and shows you the entry and exit signals directly unto the chart. It will provide you with up to 3 take profit levels and a stop loss. You will also received alerts once new signals are identified.

Technical Analysis Dashboard - used to quickly identify a bullish / bearish pattern using multiple technical / price action indicators. This is a useful tool for additional confirmation on your trades. It will show you bullish and bearish patterns using Supply/Demand zones, Moving Average, RSI, candlestick patterns, divergence, Bollinger Bands, MACD, Stochastic, and more.

Technical Dashboard - easily scan pairs across different timeframes for overbought/oversold conditions based on the selected technical indicators such as RSI, Stochastic, and MACD. Color green means that the pair and timeframe is in oversold condition while color red represents overbought condition. The text inside the box shows the value of that indicator on that specific pair/timeframe.

Automated Support & Resistance - it will automatically draw the supply/demand zone on the chart. It is based on pivot highs and pivot lows along with a combination of zone strength for an accurate key level identification.

Task Manager - allows you to create a to-do task for automation such as opening buy/sell trades, price alerts, and closing of trades using both horizontal lines and trend lines to set your price target. It will automatically execute the task once the price target is reached.

Account Report - shows detailed statistics and performance of your trading account, the trade transactions, and the performance of each pairs. This allows you to easily see which pairs are the most profitable or least profitable based on your account trade history.

Advanced Screener quickly filter any pairs across all timeframes based on the technical specifications you specified for the filter. E.g., You can search and filter the pairs that are currently overbought on H1 timeframe by setting the condition of RSI to be above 70.

Pairs Performance - easily identify the high performing and low performing pairs on you account by giving a real time report of the trade history on each pairs.

Create & Test Your Own Trading Strategy - you can now create your own custom entry & exit strategy using our Custom Strategy Creation tool. The EA can use this custom strategy to generate trading signals and automate the trades! You don't need to write codes or hire a developer to create and test your trading strategy!

Trading Signals Alert - receive alerts for new trading signals on all pairs on the dashboard and also receive alerts from strengthening / weakening currency pairs on the Currency Strength Meter.

Plus Other Additional Features:

  • Drawdown Protection and Profit Protection
  • Set trailing stop, breakeven SL, and partial close for both auto-trades and manual trades.
  • Partial close orders manually
  • Hedge and Reverse orders
  • One click trading
  • Forex Market Sessions
  • Notifications History
  • Order Transactions History
  • Create your own trading strategy (Dev option)
  • News Tracker Management
  • Account Statistics
  • Opening grid orders manually
  • Stealth Mode
  • Compact Mode
  • Keyboard trading
  • Keltner Channel, Donchian Channel, and Pivot Points built in
  • Candlestick pattern

Why do I need to use a trading robot such as the TakePropips Trading Management Solutions EA?

  • Robots never get tired, they scan the market all day and can provide more trading opportunities.
  • No human factor - trades are based purely on pre-defined conditions and not emotions.
  • Robots are faster than humans: quotes analysis, complex calculations and making trading decisions take fractions of a second.
  • High accuracy of calculations. No errors caused by fatigue or carelessness.
  • Robots can save your time. While a robot is trading, you can do something else.

What payment options are accepted?

We accept PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, and Bitcoin.

Can I upgrade to Professional license if I bought Standard license and only pay the difference?

Yes, you can pay just the difference if you initially purchased the Standard license and you want to upgrade to Professional or Advanced license. There is no need to pay full price to upgrade your license. Same goes for upgrading from Professional to Advanced license.

What's included in my purchase?

  • TakePropips Trading Management Solutions EA
  • License key for live and demo accounts
  • Free software updates and technical support
  • User Manual PDF
  • Installation instructions

You will receive your download link right away after checkout.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us at

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Why Choose TakePropips?

Version 5.20 - 01/25/2023

Technical Data Panel (New)

  • Shows a timer countdown for the next bar on the current chart and current spread of the pair.
  • Shows the data of technical indicators such as RSI, Stochastic, MACD, Moving Averages, Average True Range (ATR), Commodity Channel Index (CCI), ADX, Williams’ Percent Range (WPR), Momentum, and Money Flow Index (MFI).
  • Shows volume, volatility, ask, bid, current high, low, open, close, and change percentage for the current chart.

Fibonacci Retracement (New)

  • Automatically calculate and apply the Fibonacci Retracements on the current chart.

Range Meter Column (New)

  • The Range meter shows visual representation of its current price relative to the highs and lows of the current daily candle.
  • A meter that is more green shows that the current price is near the highs of the daily candle.
  • A meter that is more red shows that the current price is near the lows of the daily candle.
  • Range meter can be shown by clicking the switch icon next to “Price” column on the dashboard.

Compact View Icon (New)

  • You can now quickly switch to compact view by clicking the compact icon on the top left corner of the main trading dashboard.

Watermark (New)

  • Added ability to show a watermark of the pair name and timeframe on the chart.

Clear Chart Objects Icon (New)

  • Added ability to hide trading signals and order chart labels on the chart by clicking this icon on the top left corner of the main dashboard.

Trade Signals Panel (Improved)

  • You can now disable TP2 and/or TP3 on chart trading signals.
  • You can now disable the stop loss on chart signals so it will only exit on new opposite signal.
  • The current trading strategy is now visible on the bottom section of the Trade Signals panel.

Notifications History (Improved)

  • Ability to retrieve history of notifications even after restarting the trading system.
  • Default sorting is modified to show the latest notification as first entry.

Auto-Trade Management (Improved)

  • You can now disable the Max Spread and Max Slippage filter by setting the value to zero.
  • Added ability to show any enabled auto-trade filters on the Auto-Trade Management panel.

Custom Strategy Creator (Improved)

  • Added a “Reverse” button to quickly populate the opposite strategy of your buy or sell strategy.

Advanced Screener (Improved)

  • Updated to show a colored row separator for easier viewing and default the view to Technical.

Technical Analysis Panel (Improved)

  • Added ability to quickly switch between different moving averages for trend calculation, RSI and Stochastic on the bar chart, and different candlestick patterns.
  • Added ability to hide Oscillator Signals section.
  • Keltner Channel can be toggled directly on the Donchian Channel button.
  • Added Fibonacci Retracement button.

Technical Dashboard Management (Improved)

  • Added price action indicator shortcuts.

Bug Fixes

  • Other improvements and bug fixes.

Version 5.11 - 11/20/2022

  • Improved licensing system
  • Fixed strategy tester optimization errors
  • Fixed automatic closing issue on auto-trade recovery with hedging strategy

Version 5.10 - 10/30/2022

Auto-Trade Recovery Strategy (Improved)

  • Dynamic recovery strategy has been improved for auto-trades
  • Auto-Trade Recovery inputs can now be modified directly on the Auto-Trade Management dashboard

Auto-Trade Hedging Strategy (New)

  • Hedging is now an option when auto-trade recovery is enabled
  • You can hedge recovery trades to reduce your overall risk

Auto-Trade Filter (Improved)

  • Added ability to choose your own timeframe for higher timeframe analysis
  • Added "Enter One Signal Per Trend" filter setting to only trade one signal per trend similar to the trading signals on the chart

Auto-Trade Mode Only (New)

  • You can now enter auto-trade mode only to just trade the current pair and timeframe on the chart without the entire dashboard running at all times.
  • Uses less resources on your computer if you only need to run auto-trade on a specific pair(s) and timeframe(s)

Backup Configuration Settings (New)

  • You can now manually save and load configuration settings used in Management dashboards
  • Automatic daily backup has been added for configuration settings

Trend Scanner Calculation (New)

  • Added ability to use moving averages as a way to calculate trend shown on the trend scanner

Adaptive Machine Learning (Improved)

  • Modified and improved the performance of Adaptive Machine Learning
  • You can now manually modify the number of candles to calculate for machine learning
  • Improved responsiveness of the dashboard when Adaptive Machine Learning is enabled

Strategy Tester (New)

  • You can now test the auto-trade functionality of the EA using MT4 Strategy Tester
  • Custom strategies using our built-in custom strategy creator or the custom strategy developer option can now also be tested on Strategy Tester

Order Chart Labels (Improved)

  • Increased responsive of order chart labels when moving around the chart

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where new trading signals does not show on chart after running the system for long periods
  • Other bug fixes

Version 5.01 - 09/15/2022

  • Fixed auto-trades closing early before it hits take profit or stop loss.
  • Fixed trading alerts not showing when Adaptive Machine Learning is enabled.

Version 5.00 - 09/04/2022

Task Manager (New)

  • Task Manager allows you to create a to-do task for automation such as opening buy/sell trades, price alerts, and closing of trades using both horizontal lines and trend lines to set your price target.
  • You can specify different conditions such as execute the task when price reaches a specific target, and/or price closes above / below a specified price target.
  • You can view all to-do tasks in a paginated list and it can be filtered using date and pairs. The data can be also be sorted in ascending or descending order based on the column selected to sort.
  • All pending tasks are listed and can be deleted if its no longer needed.

Account Report Management (New)

  • New Account Summary which shows detailed statistics and performance of your trading account. It will also display a balance chart so you can see the changes in your account balance over time. You can also use the filter by date and filter by pairs feature to customize the report shown based on that specific filter.
  • New Transaction History which shows you the trade history of your account. You can use the filter by date/pair, pagination, and sort functionality on this dashboard.
  • Pairs Performance Summary has been moved to this dashboard. This shows you the performance of each pair on your account.
  • Transaction History and Pairs Performance Summary are in paginated list and it can be filtered using date and pairs. The data can be also be sorted in ascending or descending order based on the column selected to sort.

Account Protection Management (New)

  • New Profit Protection feature which allows you to lock in your desired profit in account percentage, amount, or points. This is used to avoid overtrading and acts like a take profit on your account balance.
  • The Drawdown Protection can now be set to calculate using account percentage, amount, and points. Drawdown Protection acts like a stop loss on your account balance.
  • You can change the frequency in which the protection for drawdown and profit will reset. You can set to check daily, weekly, or monthly.

Notifications History (New)

  • Notifications History shows you the history of the alerts sent out by the trading system. Even if you miss out the alerts sent out to MT4 or your phone, you can check on this dashboard to see a full list of alert messages that was generated.
  • You can use the filter by date, filter by pairs, pagination, and sort column functionality on this dashboard.
  • You can enable/disable notifications directly on this dashboard

Stealth Mode (New)

  • Stealth Mode allows you to hide the stop loss and take profit values from your broker to prevent stop loss hunting.
  • It will set the TP and SL to zero from new and currently opened trades and it will store these values locally on the trading system.
  • The trading system will automatically check the hidden values and close the trade once the price reaches the SL and TP.

Order Ticket Management (New)

  • The Order Ticket Management allows you to individually manage each order.
  • On this dashboard, you can edit the SL and TP, close the order, hedge order by opening an opposite trade, and reverse order by closing the current position and opening a new opposite position.

Order Chart Labels (New)

  • Each opened trade will now have an order label drawn directly to the chart so you know exactly the direction of the trade, lot size, profit/loss.
  • The order labels will come with 2 buttons, the "E" and "A" button. The "E" button will show the Order Ticket Management dashboard.  The "A" button will show the order chart lines for SL, TP and partial close lines (if enabled).
  • You can adjust the TP, SL and partial close values by dragging the order lines after the "A" button is clicked.

Hedge Position (New)

  • You can now hedge a trade by opening an opposite position of your selected opened order. The hedge position will use the same stop loss and take profit prices from your selected order.
  • You can customize the total volume to hedge using the lot percentage or manual lot size to allow full hedging or partial hedging of an order.
  • Hedge Position can be accessed on the Edit Orders Management dashboard and Order Ticket Management dashboard.
  • Hedging is like an insurance on your trade by reducing your exposure and covering the amount of loss that would have otherwise been incurred if a trade is losing.

Reverse Position (New)

  • You can now reverse a trade by closing your selected opened order and opening a new order in the opposite direction. This process is automatic and only requires one click.
  • It will use the same SL, TP, and lot size from your selected opened order to the new reversed order.
  • This feature is used if you have an opened trade and you think the market will reverse so you can take advantage of a price reversal.

Fast Buy and Fast Sell (New)

  • You can now quickly open a market order with just one click of a button. The Fast Buy button will open a buy market order and the Fast Sell button will open a sell market order.
  • Fast orders predefined calculation for take profit, stop loss, and lot size can be modified on the input settings.

Trend Scanner Data (New)

  • The Trend Scanner Data allows you to change the data shown on your trend scanner. The default data shows the success rate of the trading signals for each timeframe / pair.
  • You can change the data shown on the trend scanner to the bar age of the last signal, rating, total number of signals, total wins, total loss, RSI, and Stochastic.

Low Power Mode (New)

  • Optimize and improve the CPU performance of the system which results in 50% less consumption in CPU resources. This allows the system to run smoothly even on lower spec computer / VPS.
  • No affect in trading signals or the way the trading system functions. It is recommended to keep this setting turned on.

Manual Grid Management (New)

  • This dashboard allows you to place a series of buy and sell orders at predefined intervals at a fixed price.
  • Allows you to customize the grid settings such as grid size, number of grids, lot size, SL, and TP directly on this dashboard.
  • You can now open both a buy grid and sell grid positions at the same time for each pairs.

Shared Settings (New)

  • Shared Settings dashboard allows you to set the same trade function settings across all pairs. These trade functions include auto-trade, trailing stop, breakeven SL, and partial close.
  • This dashboard also allows you to enable or disable auto-trade, trailing stop, breakeven SL, and partial close for all pair at once.

One Cancels Other Order (New)

  • This function allows you to manually create multiple pending orders for each pair and once one of the pending order is executed, then it will automatically cancel the other pending orders from the same pair.

Chart Screenshot (New)

  • Chart Screenshot gives you the ability to take a screenshot of the current chart with just one click.

Spread and ADR Column (New)

  • You can now switch the Price column and Change% column on the main dashboard to Spread and ADR respectively. You easily switch back and forth by clicking the column name of Price and Change%.

Commission and Swap Calculation (New)

  • You can now add commission and/or swap to the calculation of profit/loss on the trading system.

Filters, Pagination, and Sorting (New)

  • These features have been added to dashboards that require to show long list of data.
  • The Date Filter allows you to filter the list using a timeline. Predefined dates are included such as All Time, Today, Yesterday, Last Week, This Month, Last Month, This Year, Last Year, and Custom Date.
  • The Pairs Filter allows you to filter the list using the pair(s) associated with that data.
  • Sorting a column can be done by clicking the column name that has a up/down arrow besides it. You can click more than once and it will sort in ascending or descending order.
  • Pagination allows you to move through different pages of a list. You can quickly go to a specific page using "Go to page" textbox. You can also change the total number of rows shown on each page.

Apply Same Settings to All Pairs (New)

  • This new input setting allows you to specify the auto-trade settings, trailing stop settings, breakeven SL settings, and partial close settings that will be use for all pairs.
  • This is used if you prefer to change these values on the Inputs tab setting of the trading system and you want to use same settings across all pairs on the dashboard.
  • Please note that if this setting is enabled, then individually changing the auto-trade, trailing stop, breakeven SL, and partial close setting for each pair on the management dashboard will be disabled.

Trailing Stop Management

  • Added Moving Average and Partial Close as an option to trailing your stop loss.
  • The Partial Close option allows you to trail your SL using the price levels of partial take profit. E.g., If you have the partial TP1, TP2, and TP3 enabled, then once the price reaches TP1, the SL will move to breakeven. Once price reaches TP2, the SL will move to TP1, and once the price reaches TP3, the SL will move to TP2 price level.

Close Orders Management

  • You can now manually specify the lot size, lot percentage, or the total amount in your account currency to close in a position.

Close All Orders Management

  • You can now view all opened trades in a paginated list and it can be filtered using date and pairs.
  • The data can be also be sorted in ascending or descending order based on the column selected to sort.

Auto-Trade Management

  • Added Trade Direction as an option to allow auto-trades be opened on only long, only short, or both.
  • The Trade Direction can be set individually for each pair and its useful if you have a direction bias for specific pairs.

Order Management

  • Increased responsiveness of the order lines when being dragged on the chart.
  • Added ability to manually type in and edit the entry price on the textbox.

Keyboard Trading

  • Added more shortcuts and allows the customization of the keyboard shortcut key on the input settings.

Compact View

  • Added Trade Analysis and Fast Buy/Fast Sell buttons on the compact view of the trading system.

Technical Analysis Panel

  • Moved Pivot Points, Donchian Channel and Keltner Channel to this panel.
  • If the Technical Analysis Panel is minimized, then you'll still be able to access the built-in price action indicators such as Supply/Demand Zones, Trend Lines, Candlestick Patterns, Pivot Points, Donchian, and Keltner Channels on the Technical Dashboard Management.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed missing Currency Strength meter suggestions alert
  • Fixed pending recovery trades not closing automatically when the original trade has hit its take profit
  • Fixed incorrect amount shown on the partial close order lines to take into account of the close percentage as well
  • Other bug fixes


Version 4.00 - 06/30/2022

  • New Adaptive Machine Learning algorithm to improve the overall performance of the trading system.
  • New Advanced Screener Management dashboard which allows you to filter instruments across all timeframes based on your selected technical criteria(s).
  • New Pairs Performance Management dashboard which allows you to check the overall account performance of each pairs.
  • New Customizable Currency Strength Meter which allows you to add and track the strength of additional instruments such as Indices, Commodities, and Crypto.
  • New Compact View to make the entire trading dashboard fit better on smaller screens without loosing its functionalities.
  • You can now separately enable/disable trailing stops, breakeven SL, and partial close for manual trades and auto-trades.
  • New Breakeven SL Management dashboard which allows you to automatically set the SL to breakeven once a certain target has been hit. This can be enabled for both manual and auto-trades.
  • New Auto-Trade Management dashboard which allows you to set specific TP, SL, and lot size for each pairs.
  • New Dynamic Auto-Trade Recovery feature that can be toggled on/off for each pairs which will allow the recovery of loosing trades.
  • New Help Panel for the management dashboards which shows important information and explanation of features that can be used within the trading system.
  • New Pivot Points
  • New Drawdown Protection Management dashboard which allows you to set the max equity and daily drawdown tolerance of your account.
  • New Standard Strategies included for free.
  • New Keyboard Trading which allows you to operate trade functions such as auto-trade, open trades, edit trades, and close trades using keyboard shortcuts.
  • New Toggle All function which allows you to enable/disable auto-trade, trailing stop, breakeven SL, and partial close for all pairs at once.
  • Added separate color for buy signals and sell signals for easier identification on the chart.
  • Added optional hard stop value for creating manual grid orders.
  • Improved licensing system
  • Added row highlighting to easily identify the selected pair on the dashboard.
  • Added ability to change font text of the trading dashboard.
  • Added Price Lock feature for Order Management dashboard which allows you to lock in a price for TP and/or SL.
  • You can now drag the entry order line on the Order Management dashboard and it will automatically change the order type from Market order to Pending order.
  • You can now drag the TP and SL order lines above/below the entry line on the Order Management dashboard and it will automatically change from Buy to Sell or Sell to Buy depending on the location of the TP and SL.

Version 3.11 - 05/01/2022

  • Fixed issue of the EA suddenly getting disconnected from the chart

Version 3.10 - 04/20/2022

  • Added new lot size calculation that allows you to set a specific amount to risk per trade
  • Added breakeven SL on auto-trades
  • Added SL and TP amounts on Order Management panel which allows you to see the total amount of your TP and SL in your accounts currency
  • Added option to disable auto-trading once drawdown reaches your specified limit
  • New visual order lines for Order Management panel which shows the size of SL/TP, lot size, amount, and risk/reward ratio
  • Fixed issue on sudden disconnection to licensing server
  • Fixed partial close issue on sell trades

Version 3.00 - 03/27/2022

  • New Order Management dashboard when opening buy and sell trades manually
  • New Technical Dashboard Management which allows you to check all pairs across all timeframes for any bullish/bearish patterns from various technical indicators
  • New Edit Orders Management which allows you to edit the SL and TP of any opened orders along with ability to set breakeven SL
  • New Partial Order Management which allows you to set partial closing for up to 3 take profit and partial closing for up to 3 stop loss targets
  • New Close All Orders Management which allows you to close all profit, close all loss, close all buy, close all sell, close all pending, and close all trades functions
  • New Close Order Management which allows you to partially close orders from each opened trade by 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100% of your lot size
  • New Currency Strength Meter Management which allows you to open orders for a specific currency and manually set the lot size, SL and TP
  • New Visual Order Lines which allows you to set your SL and TP by dragging the lines on the chart.
  • New Create Your Own Strategy feature which allows you to directly code your own buy & sell entries and use it to automate your own strategies (Dev only)
  • You can now save up to 10 custom strategies for both our no code custom strategy and custom strategy for developers.
  • When manually creating orders, you can now automatically calculate your SL and TP using ATR multiplier, and Supply/Demand zones.
  • New Distance column on the main dashboard which allows you to see how many points away you are at hitting either your SL or TP.
  • Added ability to create pending orders and choose expiry date directly from the Order Management dashboard
  • Added success rate filter for auto-trades
  • Added TP2 and TP3 to trading signals alerts
  • Added breakeven SL feature
  • Added trailing stop deduction to reduce the size of SL for every x minutes
  • Added total drawdown and daily drawdown protection
  • Added total signals and last signal age statistics on the trade signals panel
  • Fixed the EA to allow signals to be sent even when the dashboard is minimized
  • Changes to the licensing system
  • Trades not opened by the EA are now shown on the trade manager so all trades regardless of where it came from can now be tracked and managed.
  • Fixed incorrect SL on signal alerts

Version 2.11 - 02/20/2022

  • Fixed the news functionality of the EA to use the updated link of the news service
  • Code enhancements

Version 2.10 - 01/18/2022

  • Added Candlestick Patterns to automatically detect bullish and bearish patterns directly on the chart
  • Added ability to show the Keltner Channel and Donchian Channel on the chart
  • Added ability to automatically use pending limit orders on auto-trade instead of just market orders
  • New input setting to disable order comments
  • New input to add more instruments in addition to currency presets
  • Fixed minor bug on auto-trade when signals win rate is not visible on the dashboard
  • Fixed scanner dashboard accuracy to match the win rate of the trading signals

Version 2.00 - 12/16/2021

  • Added ability to create your own custom strategy. You can use your own strategy to generate your own trading signals and automate your trades.
  • Added ability to switch the main trading strategy for valid TakePropips products
  • Gold (XAU) has been added to the Currency Strength Meter
  • Added automatic Grid trading by enabling the high risk toggle on the trading dashboard
  • Added Martingale option for both automatic and manual Grid trading
  • Added Scalper trading style on the Trade Signals panel
  • Automated Trend Line period can now be changed on the input setting
  • New options to change data shown on the scanner such as age of the last signals bar and an overall rating

Version 1.12 - 11/16/2021

  • Fixed issue on Auto-Trade regarding closing of orders
  • Added ability to automatically minimize the dashboard when user switches pairs/timeframe using the scanner
  • Reorganized input settings

Version 1.11 - 11/10/2021

  • Added Prefix and Suffix input for symbol names
  • Added ATR buffer to stop loss calculation
  • Added ability to close visual pending order
  • Added "Close" button on Buy/Sell Grid buttons
  • Fixes overlap of objects on visual pending order

Version 1.10 - 11/05/2021

  • Added Automated Trend Line feature
  • Added Forex Market Session feature for New York, London, Tokyo, and Sydney Session

    Can the Trading Management Solutions EA automate trades for me?

    Yes, this EA can automatically open and close trades for you. The auto-trade feature of this EA will open 1 trade at a time for each pair with a stop loss and take profit.

    Do I need to load the EA on every chart I want to trade?

    No, this EA can trade multiple pairs at the same time on just one chart.

    How is the stop loss and take profit calculated?

    By default, the EA calculates the stop loss by using the closest support/resistance level. The take profit is then calculated based on the risk/reward ratio specified by the user.

    Does it also work on Commodities, Indices and Crypto?

    Yes, it will work with all instruments as long as you can trade it on your broker.

    What is the minimum balance I can trade?

    The minimum we recommend is $100USD.

    What pairs do you recommend?

    We suggest to start with major Forex pairs such as EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, USDCHF, USDCAD, AUDUSD, EURJPY, NZDUSD, and EURGBP as these pairs provides more liquidity and have lower spreads.

    What timeframe is best to trade with this EA?

    H1 timeframe is the one we would recommend.

    Will I receive updates for this EA?

    Yes, you will be notified via email once new updates are released and you will receive a download link for the new version.

    Do you provide any refunds?

    Yes, if you are not satisfied with your purchase, we will provide you a full refund within 15 days of your purchase.

    Can I use this for prop firm trading such as FTMO?

    Yes, this software has all the tools and information you need to increase your chances of passing any prop firm challenge.

    Do you have additional recommendations before using this EA?

    Always start first on a demo account and familiarize yourself with how this EA works. Read the provided manual on the settings you can modify. Once you understand how the EA works, you can move on to live trading.

    I have more questions, how can I get support?

    You can reach us via email at or chat with us using the Chat functionality on this website.

    Will I receive software updates for free?

    Yes, software updates will be provided to you for free for all license types.

    Can I exchange the license for different account?

    Yes, you are allowed to exchange the license if you change broker or you just want to use the EA on different account.

    Can I upgrade to Professional license from Standard license and only pay the difference?

    Yes, you can pay just the difference if you initially purchased the Standard license and you want to upgrade to Professional license. Same goes for Professional license to Advanced license.

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    TakePropips Trading Management Solutions EA

    TakePropips Trading Management Solutions EA

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