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TakePropips Trading Management Solutions

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TakePropips Trading Management Solutions is a combination of an Expert Advisor (trading robot), signals provider, multi-trend scanner, trade manager and technical analysis tool. This multi-tool software is built for both beginners and advance traders to fully maximize your chances of profitability in trading.

Main Features:

TakePropips Trading Management Dashboard - used to keep track of all the trades you have opened and also identify the market direction for each symbol. It includes both a scanner for signals and also a trade manager.



Expert Advisor (Trading Bot / Auto-Trade) - this functionality allows the program to scan for signals across multiple symbols / timeframes and automatically open and close trades for you. 


Dashboard Scanner - quickly scan and identify the trend direction of each symbol in their respective timeframes.

Trade Manager - track the performance of your opened trades and also gives you the ability to quickly open and close trades manually. 


Currency Strength Meter - gives you a quick visual guide to identify the currencies that are currently strong or weak. They measure the main currencies strength of major currencies by comparing all 28 pair crosses between them.


Trade Signals Dashboard - scans the market for trading signals across all symbols and timeframes.


Automated Entry & Exit Signals - scan and detect trading signals and shows you the entry and exit signals directly unto the chart. It will provide you with take profit and stop loss level.


Technical Analysis Dashboard - used to quickly identify a bullish / bearish pattern using technical indicators.


Automated Support & Resistance - automatically draw the supply/demand zone on the chart. It is based on pivot highs and pivot lows along with a combination of zone strength for an accurate key level identification.


Visual Pending Order - allows you to easily setup a pending order without the need to type in the values.


Grid Order - allows you to places a series of buy or sell orders at predefined intervals at a fixed price. You can open either a buy or sell grid orders.


News Info - used to keep track of the latest and upcoming news for all major currencies.


Account Performance Info - shows your current account performance such as daily, weekly and monthly profit, daily drawdown, win rate, and total risk of your current opened positions.


Account History - shows real account statistics per currency pair / instrument


Alerts - receive alerts for new signals on all symbols on the dashboard and strengthening / weakening currency pairs.


Supports all popular Forex pairs including Commodities, Crypto and Indices


TakePropips Trading Management Solutions


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