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Take control of your trades with our TakePropips TradePad Pro! Step-up your game today & become part of profitable traders!

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Take Control of Your Trades

Our advanced trade management tools and features are designed to give you the peace of mind you need to trade with confidence.

Best for Risk-Averse Traders

Do you focus more on preserving capital and minimizing potential losses? Then the TradePad Pro is for you! 

Best for Prop-Firm Traders

Are you trying to pass a challenge? This has all the tools you need to pass & trade on any prop-firms.

Best for Manual Traders

Do you prefer to take control of your trades? The TradePad Pro has trade manager built-in just for you!

Best for All Traders, Period.

Are you a scalper, day trader, or swing trader? Do you trade FX, Indices, Gold, or Crypto? The TradePad Pro is for you!

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How It Works?

The TradePad Pro is a robust trade management tool that helps you effectively manage trades, protect profits, minimize losses, and analyze currency strength. It's a valuable asset for traders looking to enhance their trading experience and make informed decisions.

Take Back Control of Your Trades

Take control of your trades with our comprehensive trade manager, currency strength meter, and risk management tools.

Manual Trade Execution

Make informed trading decisions with our currency strength meter, manual order execution, and the ability to hedge and reverse trades.

Robust Risk Management

Employing protective measures like drawdown & profit protection, trailing stops, auto-lot size calculation, the TradePad Pro safeguards your trades and mitigates potential losses.

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Why Choose Our Trade Manager?

Save Time & Energy

Our EA can monitor your trades and automatically make adjustments to your trades to reduce losses & maximize your gains.

Peace of Mind

Keep your drawdowns within limits & avoid overtrading with our profit protection.

Trade Funded Accounts

Increase your chances of passing prop-firm challenges so you can start trading on funded accounts!

Minimize Risk, Maximize Profits

Designed to minimize losses through smart risk management while optimizing for profitable opportunities in the market!

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Protect Your Capital

Our comprehensive risk management tools, including drawdown loss protection and profit protection, allow you to set limits and automatically close trades when necessary. With TradePad Pro, you can trade with confidence, knowing that your capital is protected.

Trade Smarter, Not Harder

Let's make trading a breeze together! Our system is here to be your friendly guide, simplifying those tough decisions and helping you navigate through the market with ease.

Trade Like a Pro with Advanced Trade Manager

Seamlessly open, edit, close, reverse, and hedge your trades with just a few clicks, empowering you to take control of your trading decisions.

TakePropips TradePad Pro

  • Advanced Trade Manager

  • Risk Management Tools

  • Currency Strength Meter

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Trade Manager

Market / Pending Orders

Supports for opening market orders and limit/stop orders.


Task Manager

Automate tasks such as opening/closing trades once it hits a horizontal line or trend line, and price alerts.


Lot Risk Calculation

Automatically calculate your lot size based on your desired risk amount or risk percentage.


Hedge Trades

Easily hedge your trades by opening an opposite position with a simple tool.