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TakePropips Bollinger Bands Triple Strategy

TakePropips Bollinger Bands Triple Strategy

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TakePropips Bollinger Bands Triple Strategy is a simple, powerful, and effective solution for trading breakouts, reversals, and trend following!

This multi-function indicator includes a trend scanner, trading signals, statistical panel, screener, trading sessions, and alerts history. It is designed to provide you trading signals and save you hours analyzing the charts!

      TakePropips Bollinger Band Triple Strategy Pro Summary:

      Breakout Band Squeeze Strategy - In this strategy, we wait for the price to breakout of the band squeeze (consolidation), and then look to trade in the direction of the breakout. In order to filter out false breakout signal, we need to check the volume so we can use a volume indicator called the Money Flow Index Indicator to check for accumulation during an upside breakout, and distribution during a downside breakout.

      Breakout Strategy

      Reversal Band Squeeze Strategy In this strategy, we wait for the price to enter a band squeeze (consolidation) and for the price to touch either the upper or lower band, and then look to trade in the opposite direction, expecting a reversal back to its moving average. During a consolidation period, the upper band can act as a resistance and the lower band can act as a support.

      Reversal Band Squeeze

      Trend Following Band Strategy - In this strategy, we will take a position in the direction of the trend when the price hits the upper or lower bands.

      Trend Following Strategy

      Note: The scanner will identify a band squeeze when the upper and lower bands falls within the upper & lower ATR Channel (default is 1.5x ATR).

      How does it work?

      This indicator scans the market for high probability trade setups and provides you with buy and sell signals on any pairs across all timeframes. You can choose any pairs and timeframes to receive signals. It will give you alerts when new signals are identified and provide you with entry price, take profit and stop loss level so you know exactly when to enter and exit the position.
      You will also see the history results of the signals generated by the indicator on a dashboard panel to see if its profitability. A built in scanner will also be included in the indicator so you can easily find the trend direction and win rate of each pair and timeframe within the market.

      Product Features

      Automated Entry & Exit Signals - detects trading opportunities and provides you with up to 3 take profit & a stop loss.

      Trend Scanner - a multi-symbol and multi-timeframe scanner shows the direction of the trend, success rate, and rating.

      Statistical Dashboard Panel - shows the success rate, entry signal, and total profit/loss of each currency pair so you know exactly the result.

      Alerts, Email, and Push notifications - receive notifications on your mobile phone or desktop when a new buy or sell signal is identified.

      How to setup a trade?

      Easy 1-2-3 setup!

      1. Trade Analysis

      Enter your trade when the indicator alerts you of a new buy or sell signal. For higher chance of success, only enter trades when success rate is 70% or greater.

      2. Take Profit

      The take profit price is automatically calculated and you will be provided with up to 3 take profit levels (TP1, TP2, and TP3).

      • Option 1 - Take profit on TP1
      • Option 2 - Partial Take Profit on TP1 and close remaining positions on TP2 and/or TP3
      • Option 3 - Take Profit on opposite signal and ride the trend

      3. Stop Loss

      The stop loss price is automatically calculated and will be provided to you.

      • Option 1 - Set your stop loss at the specified price provided by the indicator
      • Option 2 - No stop loss. Exit your buy position on a new sell signal or exit your sell position on a new buy signal.

        Multi-Timeframe Analysis

        To get the best results and generate higher probability of success, you can trade when the higher timeframe and the lower timeframe are in the same trend direction.

        Recommended Multi-Timeframe Pairs:

        • M5 -> M15
        • M15 -> H1
        • H1 -> H4
        • H4 -> D1
        • D1 -> W1

        The indicator works on all timeframes, forex pairs, crypto, indices and commodities. 

        What's included in my purchase?

        • TakePropips Bollinger Bands Triple Strategy Indicator
        • Lifetime support & free updates
        • User Manual PDF
        • Installation Guide PDF

        NOTE: Once you’ve made your payment, you will be directed to the download page and an email will be sent to receive your copy of the TakePropips Bollinger Bands Triple Strategy indicator.

        How to install this software?

        1. Complete your purchase - Click "Add to Cart" and proceed to checkout.
        2. Download your software - you will receive an instant download link automatically after you made your purchase. It will be available for download immediately on the order confirmation page and it will also be sent to your email.
        3. Unzip the file - video tutorial link will be included for installation process.

        What payment options are accepted?

        We accept PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, and Cryptocurrencies.

        Video Demonstration

        Here is a quick demonstration to showcase the strategy in action. Please note that the indicator shown on this video is the old version and it's not available.

        If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us at

          Does this indicator repaints?

          No, our products does not repaint trading signals.

          Does it give trading signal alerts on MetaTrader and mobile phone?

          Yes, it will provide you with buy and sell trading signals alerts on MetaTrader and on your phone.

          What information is shown on the trading signal notifications?

          The trading signals notification will include the entry price, success rate, take profit 1, take profit 2, take profit 3, and stop loss values.

          How many currency pairs can I use on the scanner?

          The scanner supports all 28 popular currency pairs.

          Does it also work on Gold, Oil, Indices and Crypto?

          Yes, it will work with all symbols as long as you can trade it on MetaTrader.

          Will I receive updates for this product?

          Yes, you will be notified via email once new updates are released.

          Can I use this for prop firm trading such as FTMO?

          Yes, this software has all the tools and information you need to increase your chances of passing any prop firm challenge.

          I have more questions, how can I get support?

          You can reach us via email at or chat with us using the Chat functionality on this website.

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