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Are you looking to take your trading career to the next level and become a successful prop trader? Look no further than our advanced trading system, designed to meet the demands of prop firm trading and help you pass your prop trading challenge with confidence. Our system has been tested and proven to deliver real results, helping traders just like you achieve their trading goals and unlock their full potential.

Key benefits:

Prop Firm-Optimized: Our trading system is specifically designed to meet the requirements and expectations of prop firms, giving you an edge in the competitive world of prop trading.

Ready to Use: Our system comes pre-loaded with everything you need to pass your prop trading challenge.

Drawdown Protection: Our Drawdown Protection Tool helps you to protect your profits by automatically closing trades that have reached a certain drawdown level. With this feature, you can minimize your losses and protect your profits.

Profit Protection: Our Profit Protection feature is designed to help traders lock in profits and minimize their losses. With this feature, you can set a minimum profit level for your trades, and our system will automatically close your trades when that level is reached. This helps you to avoid giving back your profits and maximize your gains.

Money Management: Our systems comes with automatic lot size calculation, which allows traders to ensure that they are always staying within the prop firm's risk limits and meeting the requirements for risk management.

With our system, you can demonstrate to prop firms that you have the necessary risk management skills to succeed as a prop trader.

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