TMS EA Changelogs

Version 5.20 - 01/25/2023

Technical Data Panel (New)

  • Shows a timer countdown for the next bar on the current chart and current spread of the pair.
  • Shows the data of technical indicators such as RSI, Stochastic, MACD, Moving Averages, Average True Range (ATR), Commodity Channel Index (CCI), ADX, Williams’ Percent Range (WPR), Momentum, and Money Flow Index (MFI).
  • Shows volume, volatility, ask, bid, current high, low, open, close, and change percentage for the current chart.

Fibonacci Retracement (New)

  • Automatically calculate and apply the Fibonacci Retracements on the current chart.

Range Meter Column (New)

  • The Range meter shows visual representation of its current price relative to the highs and lows of the current daily candle.
  • A meter that is more green shows that the current price is near the highs of the daily candle.
  • A meter that is more red shows that the current price is near the lows of the daily candle.
  • Range meter can be shown by clicking the switch icon next to “Price” column on the dashboard.

Compact View Icon (New)

  • You can now quickly switch to compact view by clicking the compact icon on the top left corner of the main trading dashboard.

Watermark (New)

  • Added ability to show a watermark of the pair name and timeframe on the chart.

Clear Chart Objects Icon (New)

  • Added ability to hide trading signals and order chart labels on the chart by clicking this icon on the top left corner of the main dashboard.

Trade Signals Panel (Improved)

  • You can now disable TP2 and/or TP3 on chart trading signals.
  • You can now disable the stop loss on chart signals so it will only exit on new opposite signal.
  • The current trading strategy is now visible on the bottom section of the Trade Signals panel.

Notifications History (Improved)

  • Ability to retrieve history of notifications even after restarting the trading system.
  • Default sorting is modified to show the latest notification as first entry.

Auto-Trade Management (Improved)

  • You can now disable the Max Spread and Max Slippage filter by setting the value to zero.
  • Added ability to show any enabled auto-trade filters on the Auto-Trade Management panel.

Custom Strategy Creator (Improved)

  • Added a “Reverse” button to quickly populate the opposite strategy of your buy or sell strategy.

Advanced Screener (Improved)

  • Updated to show a colored row separator for easier viewing and default the view to Technical.

Technical Analysis Panel (Improved)

  • Added ability to quickly switch between different moving averages for trend calculation, RSI and Stochastic on the bar chart, and different candlestick patterns.
  • Added ability to hide Oscillator Signals section.
  • Keltner Channel can be toggled directly on the Donchian Channel button.
  • Added Fibonacci Retracement button.

Technical Dashboard Management (Improved)

  • Added price action indicator shortcuts.

Bug Fixes

  • Other improvements and bug fixes.

Version 5.11 - 11/20/2022

  • Improved licensing system
  • Fixed strategy tester optimization errors
  • Fixed automatic closing issue on auto-trade recovery with hedging strategy

Version 5.10 - 10/30/2022

Auto-Trade Recovery Strategy (Improved)

  • Dynamic recovery strategy has been improved for auto-trades
  • Auto-Trade Recovery inputs can now be modified directly on the Auto-Trade Management dashboard

Auto-Trade Hedging Strategy (New)

  • Hedging is now an option when auto-trade recovery is enabled
  • You can hedge recovery trades to reduce your overall risk

Auto-Trade Filter (Improved)

  • Added ability to choose your own timeframe for higher timeframe analysis
  • Added "Enter One Signal Per Trend" filter setting to only trade one signal per trend similar to the trading signals on the chart

Auto-Trade Mode Only (New)

  • You can now enter auto-trade mode only to just trade the current pair and timeframe on the chart without the entire dashboard running at all times.
  • Uses less resources on your computer if you only need to run auto-trade on a specific pair(s) and timeframe(s)

Backup Configuration Settings (New)

  • You can now manually save and load configuration settings used in Management dashboards
  • Automatic daily backup has been added for configuration settings

Trend Scanner Calculation (New)

  • Added ability to use moving averages as a way to calculate trend shown on the trend scanner

Adaptive Machine Learning (Improved)

  • Modified and improved the performance of Adaptive Machine Learning
  • You can now manually modify the number of candles to calculate for machine learning
  • Improved responsiveness of the dashboard when Adaptive Machine Learning is enabled

Strategy Tester (New)

  • You can now test the auto-trade functionality of the EA using MT4 Strategy Tester
  • Custom strategies using our built-in custom strategy creator or the custom strategy developer option can now also be tested on Strategy Tester

Order Chart Labels (Improved)

  • Increased responsive of order chart labels when moving around the chart

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where new trading signals does not show on chart after running the system for long periods
  • Other bug fixes

Version 5.01 - 09/15/2022

  • Fixed auto-trades closing early before it hits take profit or stop loss.
  • Fixed trading alerts not showing when Adaptive Machine Learning is enabled.
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