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TakePropips Blitz Pro Expert Advisor

$240.00 $790.00

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TakePropips Blitz Pro EA is a system that automatically detects high probability trade setups using advance trend algorithm! It is based on price action and a combination of key technical indicators to predict future price movements. 

This is a feature packed EA designed for traders looking to automate their trades to success!

The EA does not use dangerous strategies. No martingale, no grid, no arbitrage. Only real stop loss and take profit.

Main Features:

Multi-Timeframe Trend Trade Filter

  • The EA can detect higher timeframe trend to make sure that your entry timeframe and its higher timeframe are in the same direction of the trend.
  • Example: If you enter a buy position on H1 timeframe, the EA will detect if the next higher timeframe (H4) is also in an uptrend. This way, we reduce false signals and improve the accuracy of the trades!

Win Percentage Rate Trade Filter

  • The EA can filter trades based on previous win rate of the current instrument you are trading.
  • Example: The EA will only enter a position if the previous win rate is 70% or greater. This way, we only enter quality trades with higher win percentage rate, resulting in higher success rate.

Trailing Stops

  • The EA will automatically modify the stop loss to lock in profits.
  • Once TP1 is hit, the stop loss for TP2 and TP3 will automatically be moved to breakeven (entry price).
  • Once TP2 is hit, the stop loss for TP3 will automatically be moved to TP1 price.

Trailing Steps

  • Another option to trail your stops is to use trailing steps. The EA will automatically move the stop loss for every pip increase in the direction of your trade.
  • For example: If you have a buy position and you set your Trailing Step to 10 pips, the EA will move the stop loss 10 pips every time the price moves up by 10 pips. If the price moves down, the SL will not be affected and will stay at that level.

    Risk / Reward Ratio

    • The EA allows you to set your specified risk/reward ratio and it will automatically calculate the take profit based on the stop loss value.
    • For example, if you set the “TP1 Risk/Reward Ratio” to 2.0 and the stop loss is currently 20 pips away from your entry price, the take profit for TP1 position will automatically be set at 40 pips. So that means you risk $10 to make $20 which is a 2:1 risk/reward ratio.

    All Orders Are Protected By Stop Loss

    • Avoids unnecessary huge loss due to high market volatility. It's very important to have a stop loss especially when the market volatility suddenly spikes higher and it goes the opposite direction to your trades.

    Auto Lot Size Calculation

    • The EA can automatically calculate the necessary lot size for your orders based on the risk percentage you specified.
    • Example: If you only want to risk 2% of your equity per trade, the EA will automatically calculate the proper lot size allocation for all 3 TP orders. You can also manually set the lot size if that's you preferred.

    Alerts, Email & Push Notifications

    • Get alerts from MetaTrader, email notification, and push notifications to mobile phones when the EA creates new orders.

    No Martingale, No Grid, No Arbitrage

    • This EA does not use dangerous strategies, only real stop loss and take profits.
    Hidden Stop Loss & Hidden Take Profits
    • The EA allows you to hide your stop loss from your broker so they can't intentionally hunt for your stops!
    • EA will automatically close your order once the price hits your stop loss or your take profit.

    Auto Close Orders On Opposite Signal

    • The EA will automatically close open buy orders when a new sell signal is detected. Similarly, it will automatically close open sell orders when a new buy signal is detected.

      3 Take Profit Orders

      • The EA will create 3 orders with 3 different take profit to maximize your profit potential.
      • You can however modify to either only enter with 1 order, 2 orders, or 3 orders.

      Automatic & Manual Take Profit / Stop Loss

      • By default, the EA will automatically calculate the take profit and stop loss based on your settings.
      • Another option is to set the EA to calculate the TP and SL manually. For example, if you prefer your stop loss to be exactly at 20 pips and the TP at 30 pips, you can do so by changing the settings of TP and SL calculation. 

        Open Orders Time Restriction

        • The EA can open orders only by a specified start time and end time.
        • This is useful if you want the EA to only open within a specific time of the day. Example: You can set the EA to only open orders from 8:00am to 4:00pm.

        High Spread and Slippage Protection

        • The EA will not enter a trade if the current instrument is currently trading at a higher than normal spreads. This will help you avoid trading on low volume with high spreads.


        H1 timeframe is recommended.

        EA will work on EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, USDCAD, NZDUSD, AUDUSD, USDCHF, EURGBP, and XAUUSD. Set files for all these pairs will be included as well.

        Not broker sensitive.

        Deposit minimum is $100

        Recommended leverage is 1:10 or more.

        Other notes:

        The EA complies with the FIFO rules.
        The EA has been tested using 99.9% modelling quality.
        Please note that the current set files for EA has been optimized for most up to date market conditions starting April 2020 - April 2021 .


        Special Offer!

        Receive a FREE copy of any indicator of your choice with Scanner (valued at $98) on our store when you purchase this EA! Offer will expire soon!

        Email us your order number after purchased of EA to receive a free copy of the indicator and scanner!

        What you'll get:

        • TakePropips Blitz Pro EA
        • TakePropips Indicator + Scanner (Your choice)
        • Lifetime license and unlimited activations on any computer
        • Lifetime support & free updates
        • PDF Instruction Manual
        • Set files for the EA

        NOTE: Once you’ve made your payment, you will be directed to a download link to receive instructions on how to activate your copy of the TakePropips Blitz Pro EA.

        If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us at

        Now accepting BTC payments! Please email us at if you prefer to pay via Bitcoin.

        TakePropips Blitz Pro Expert Advisor

        $240.00 $790.00

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